Film Crew Position: Type Animator

What does a Type Animator do?

A Type Animator is a specialized professional within the animation department whose expertise lies in animating text and typography for various multimedia platforms, including film, television, and online content. The purpose of this craft is to bring letters and words to life, creating a dynamic and engaging way to convey information, set a tone, or add visual interest to storytelling. Type Animators are skilled at blending the art of typography with motion graphics to produce sequences that are not only legible but also visually appealing and contextually appropriate.

What role does a Type Animator play?

The role of a Type Animator involves conceptualizing and creating animated typographic designs that complement and enhance the visual narrative. They work closely with directors, editors, and other animators to ensure that the animated text aligns with the overarching theme and style of the project. Responsibilities may include storyboarding typographic concepts, selecting appropriate fonts, and utilizing animation software to animate characters and words effectively. Additionally, they may be tasked with ensuring the readability and timing of the text to maintain seamless integration with other visual elements.

Do you need to go to college to be a Type Animator?

A position as a Type Animator does not strictly require a college degree; however, a formal education in fields such as graphic design, animation, or motion graphics can be highly beneficial. Many professionals enter the field with a bachelor's degree or an equivalent certification, which provides foundational knowledge in design principles, software proficiency, and industry standards. However, a strong portfolio showcasing a range of typographic and animation skills can be equally important. For those without a college degree, experience, self-taught expertise, and continual learning through workshops or online courses are critical to staying competitive in the field.

What skills do you need to be a Type Animator?

To succeed as a Type Animator, individuals must possess a robust set of skills that includes a keen eye for design, a solid understanding of typography, and proficiency in animation and motion graphics software such as Adobe After Effects. Artistic sensibility and creativity are essential for developing original concepts that resonate with audiences. The ability to work collaboratively with other creatives, good communication skills, attention to detail, and time management are also important. Moreover, staying abreast of the latest trends and technologies in typography and animation can help Type Animators maintain a fresh and modern approach to their work.

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