Production Support

Film Crew Position: Production Legal

What does a Production Legal do?

Production Legal is a crucial role within the Production Support department of a film crew. The Production Legal team is responsible for ensuring that all legal aspects of a production are properly managed and executed according to industry regulations and standards.

What role does a Production Legal play?

The role of a Production Legal involves overseeing contracts, clearances, permits, and other legal documentation required throughout the production process. This includes managing agreements with cast and crew, securing rights for music and footage, obtaining filming permits, and addressing any legal issues that may arise during filming. Production Legal professionals work closely with producers, directors, and other key crew members to ensure that the production is legally sound from start to finish.

Do you need to go to college to be a Production Legal?

To work as a Production Legal, a college degree in law or a related field is typically required. Candidates with a background in entertainment law or film production law are especially desirable. Additionally, previous experience in legal roles within the film industry can be beneficial for aspiring Production Legal professionals.

What skills do you need to be a Production Legal?

Strong legal acumen and knowledge of entertainment law are essential skills for a Production Legal. Attention to detail, excellent communication, negotiation skills, and the ability to work under pressure are also important attributes for this role. Additionally, the ability to problem-solve and think critically in complex legal situations is key for success as a Production Legal.

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