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Film Crew Position: Manicurist

What does a Manicurist do?

A Manicurist is a specialized professional within the Hair & Makeup department of a film crew. They are responsible for maintaining the actors' nails and ensuring they look polished and groomed on screen.

What role does a Manicurist play?

The role of a Manicurist is to provide nail care services to the actors on set. This includes shaping the nails, applying nail polish, and providing nail treatments to keep the nails healthy and looking their best for the camera. Manicurists work closely with the Hair & Makeup team to ensure that the actors' overall appearance is cohesive and aligned with the vision of the film.

Do you need to go to college to be a Manicurist?

Becoming a Manicurist does not typically require a college degree. However, most aspiring Manicurists attend cosmetology school or nail technician programs to receive specialized training in nail care. These programs often include hands-on experience and coursework in nail techniques, sanitation practices, and product knowledge. Some states may also require Manicurists to obtain a license to practice professionally.

What skills do you need to be a Manicurist?

To succeed as a Manicurist, strong attention to detail and precision are essential. Manicurists must have a keen eye for aesthetics and be skilled in various nail care techniques. Excellent communication skills are also important, as Manicurists need to understand and fulfill the actors' preferences while working efficiently on set. Additionally, knowledge of current nail trends and products is beneficial in providing the best services to the film production.

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