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Film Crew Position: Make Up Assistant

What does a Make Up Assistant do?

A Make Up Assistant is a crucial member of the Hair & Makeup department on a film set. They work closely with the key makeup artist to ensure that actors and actresses look their best on screen. The Make Up Assistant helps with various tasks, such as applying makeup, styling hair, and ensuring that the overall look is consistent throughout filming.

What role does a Make Up Assistant play?

The role of a Make Up Assistant is to support the key makeup artist in all aspects of hair and makeup for the production. This can include setting up the makeup station, prepping actors' skin, applying makeup, styling hair, and maintaining the overall look throughout the shoot. Make Up Assistants may also be responsible for keeping track of continuity in the actors' appearance and assisting with any touch-ups needed on set.

Do you need to go to college to be a Make Up Assistant?

While a formal education in makeup artistry or cosmetology can be beneficial, it is not always a requirement to become a Make Up Assistant. Many individuals gain experience through hands-on training or assisting more experienced makeup artists. However, some production companies may prefer candidates with a certificate or degree in makeup artistry from a reputable cosmetology school.

What skills do you need to be a Make Up Assistant?

A Make Up Assistant should have a strong understanding of makeup application techniques, skin types, and hairstyling. Attention to detail is crucial, as they will be responsible for ensuring that actors' appearances remain consistent throughout filming. Good communication skills are also important, as they will be working closely with the key makeup artist and other members of the production team. Additionally, the ability to work efficiently under pressure and adapt to changing situations is essential for success in this role.

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