Electrical Department

Film Crew Position: HOD Rigger

What does a HOD Rigger do?

A HOD Rigger, in the context of film production, refers to the Head of Department Rigger within the Electrical Department. This position is critical for ensuring the safety and functionality of various rigging systems which are used to support lighting, cameras, and other electrical equipment. The HOD Rigger is responsible for the oversight of rigging operations, managing the rigging crew, and collaborating with other departments to achieve the director's vision while maintaining strict adherence to safety standards on set.

What role does a HOD Rigger play?

The role of a HOD Rigger encompasses a range of responsibilities that include planning and executing complex rigging setups, supervising rigging crews, and ensuring all rigging equipment is maintained and operated in compliance with safety regulations. They are also tasked with problem-solving any rigging issues that may arise, providing technical expertise to other departments, and managing the budget for their department. The HOD Rigger must communicate effectively with the Director of Photography, Production Designer, and other key crew members to facilitate the seamless integration of rigging into the overall production.

Do you need to go to college to be a HOD Rigger?

While a college degree is not a mandatory requirement to become a HOD Rigger, having a background in a related field such as engineering, construction, or technical theater can be highly beneficial. Many HOD Riggers have gained their position through extensive on-the-job experience, starting in entry-level rigging positions and working their way up while learning the technical and safety aspects of the trade. Certifications in rigging and safety may also be required, depending on the complexity of the productions and the regulations in place.

What skills do you need to be a HOD Rigger?

Essential skills for a HOD Rigger include a deep understanding of mechanical and engineering principles, especially as they apply to the unique demands of a film set. The HOD Rigger must have excellent communication and leadership abilities to effectively manage a crew. They need to be highly organized, detail-oriented, and adept at multitasking to handle the diverse set of challenges that come with each production. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are paramount, as well as physical fitness, given the demanding nature of rigging work. Familiarity with the latest rigging equipment, technologies, and safety standards is also crucial in fulfilling the responsibilities of the role.

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