Costume and Wardrobe Department

Film Crew Position: Fashion Assistant

What does a Fashion Assistant do?

A Fashion Assistant is an integral part of the Costume and Wardrobe Department in filmmaking and television production. This position typically involves providing support to the fashion designer or costume supervisor, helping to source, organize, and maintain costumes and accessories that align with the visual storytelling of the production. They work closely with various department heads to ensure that the wardrobe pieces are appropriate for the characters and settings depicted in the film or show.

What role does a Fashion Assistant play?

The role of a Fashion Assistant encompasses a range of responsibilities, from assisting in the selection and alteration of outfits to ensuring the continuity of costumes throughout the filming process. They may also be tasked with managing inventory, assisting with fittings, and coordinating with other departments to address any wardrobe-related needs. Additionally, Fashion Assistants play a crucial role in the logistics of costume handling, including laundering, repairs, and storage.

Do you need to go to college to be a Fashion Assistant?

While a college degree is not mandatory for becoming a Fashion Assistant, some form of post-secondary education in fashion design, costume design, or a related field can be highly beneficial. Many Fashion Assistants have a background in fashion or theatrical costuming, which provides them with a foundational understanding of garment construction and design. Aside from formal education, hands-on experience through internships, apprenticeships, or work on smaller productions can prove invaluable in developing the necessary skills and networking to advance in this career path.

What skills do you need to be a Fashion Assistant?

To excel as a Fashion Assistant, one should possess a blend of creative and practical skills. Key attributes include a keen eye for detail, strong organizational abilities, and excellent communication skills. Proficiency in sewing and knowledge of fabric types and garment care are essential. The fast-paced nature of film production requires Fashion Assistants to be adaptable and able to work efficiently under pressure. Time management and problem-solving skills are also crucial, as they must often juggle multiple tasks and overcome unforeseen challenges.

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