Electrical Department

Film Crew Position: Electrician

What does a Electrician do?

In the world of film and television production, an Electrician is a key member of the Electrical Department responsible for setting up, maintaining, and operating all the electrical equipment used on set. This role is crucial in ensuring that the lighting design is executed as planned, providing the necessary power for cameras, lighting, and other electrical needs to help create the desired aesthetic for a film or TV show.

What role does a Electrician play?

As an Electrician in the film industry, the individual’s primary responsibilities include collaborating with the Director of Photography and Gaffer to implement the lighting plan, laying cables, setting up generators and power distribution systems, rigging lights, and ensuring electrical safety on set. They may also troubleshoot electrical issues, maintain equipment, and adjust lighting levels during filming as required.

Do you need to go to college to be a Electrician?

A college degree is not a mandatory prerequisite to become an Electrician in the film industry. However, some Electricians may have completed programs in electrical technology, film, theater, or a related field. More importantly, hands-on experience, apprenticeships, and knowledge in electrical work, gained through practical experience or a trade school, are highly valued. Electricians often start their career by joining a union or working on smaller productions to gain the necessary experience.

What skills do you need to be a Electrician?

To excel as an Electrician on a film set, one must possess a mix of technical and soft skills. Technical expertise in electricity, wiring, and lighting equipment is essential, as is a thorough understanding of safety protocols. Electricians need to be detail-oriented, with the ability to solve problems quickly and effectively. Strong communication skills are necessary for collaboration with various departments, and physical stamina is required to handle the demanding nature of the job which often includes long hours and manual labor.

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