Electrical Department

Film Crew Position: Electric Driver

What does a Electric Driver do?

An Electric Driver is a specialized role within the Electrical Department on a film set. This position involves the transportation and management of electrical equipment, ensuring that all necessary lighting and power tools are available on location for the electricians and other crew members to use. The Electric Driver must safely drive vehicles carrying this equipment and is responsible for the loading and unloading of gear, as well as maintaining an inventory of all electrical items in transit.

What role does a Electric Driver play?

The primary responsibility of an Electric Driver is to facilitate the seamless movement of electrical equipment between various shooting locations. This entails driving transport vehicles, often trucks, that carry generators, cables, lights, and other electrical apparatus essential for film production. The role demands close coordination with the key electrician and gaffer to ensure the timely arrival and setup of equipment, as well as adherence to safety protocols when handling and transporting these items.

Do you need to go to college to be a Electric Driver?

A college degree is not typically required to become an Electric Driver. However, certain prerequisites are essential for success in this role. A valid driver's license with a clean driving record and the ability to drive large vehicles are non-negotiable requirements. Experience in film or television production can be beneficial, as well as a background in logistics or transportation. Some Electric Drivers may also benefit from technical courses in electricity or lighting to better understand the equipment they are handling.

What skills do you need to be a Electric Driver?

To excel as an Electric Driver, several key skills are necessary. Proficient driving skills, especially with large trucks or cargo vehicles, are paramount. The Electric Driver also needs to have good organizational capabilities for tracking equipment and ensuring nothing gets misplaced during transport. Physical fitness is important, as the job involves manual labor, including loading and unloading of heavy equipment. Additionally, strong communication skills are required to effectively collaborate with the electrical and production teams. A basic understanding of electrical equipment used in film can also be advantageous, enabling the Electric Driver to handle the gear more effectively and safely.

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