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Film Crew Position: Construction Assistant

What does a Construction Assistant do?

A Construction Assistant is an integral member of the Art Department in a filmmaking setting. This role involves supporting the construction coordinator and the wider construction team who are responsible for creating the physical sets based on the production designer's vision. The construction assistant helps ensure that the sets are built safely, efficiently, and to the creative specifications required by the film's narrative.

What role does a Construction Assistant play?

The Construction Assistant's responsibilities include aiding in the organization of building materials, managing inventory, and ensuring tools are maintained and ready for use. They often assist in the actual building process, offering hands-on support in carpentry, painting, and other construction-related tasks. Additionally, a construction assistant may be tasked with administrative duties, such as paperwork and coordination with other departments, to ensure seamless continuity of the construction phase.

Do you need to go to college to be a Construction Assistant?

College education is not typically a mandatory requirement for becoming a Construction Assistant. While formal education in fields such as construction management, carpentry, or scenic design can be beneficial, practical experience and a demonstrated ability to work within the physical demands of set construction are often more important. Aspiring Construction Assistants can benefit from vocational training or apprenticeships that provide hands-on experience in construction or theatrical set building.

What skills do you need to be a Construction Assistant?

To excel as a Construction Assistant, one requires a blend of practical and soft skills. Proficiency in using a variety of hand and power tools is essential, as is a basic understanding of construction techniques and materials. Good communication and teamwork skills are crucial, as the role involves collaborating with different departments and levels of the crew. Time management and the ability to work under pressure to meet tight deadlines are also important. Additionally, problem-solving skills and adaptability are valuable, as the construction assistant must often overcome unexpected challenges that arise during the set building process.

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