Art Department

Film Crew Position: Construction

What does a Construction do?

In the realm of film production, the Construction department within the Art Department plays a pivotal role in bringing the cinematic vision to life. This team is responsible for constructing the physical structures and sets that form the backdrop for the narrative. Their work is essential to create the tangible world in which the characters interact, ranging from the smallest prop to expansive architectural features that define the film's environment.

What role does a Construction play?

The main function of Construction in film is to interpret the production designer's and art director's vision, translating their drawings and models into full-scale scenery. These professionals collaborate closely with other departments to ensure that the sets are not only visually accurate but also safe and functional for cast and crew. The construction crew includes a range of skilled workers such as carpenters, painters, plasterers, and metalworkers who utilize their expertise to fabricate and erect sets according to precise specifications.

Do you need to go to college to be a Construction?

A formal college education is not always mandatory for a career in Construction within the film industry. Many professionals enter the field through apprenticeships, vocational training in carpentry or construction, or by gaining hands-on experience in smaller productions. However, a degree or coursework in theater production, set design, or construction management can be beneficial in developing the necessary skills and understanding of the industry standards.

What skills do you need to be a Construction?

An array of skills is necessary for the Construction department to effectively fulfill their duties. These include a strong understanding of building materials and techniques, proficiency in using various tools and machinery, and the ability to read and interpret design blueprints. Additionally, good communication and problem-solving skills are essential to collaborate with other departments and adapt to the dynamic nature of film production. Physical fitness is also important, as the job often involves manual labor and working with heavy materials.

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