Film Crew Position: Choreographer Consultant

What does a Choreographer Consultant do?

A Choreographer Consultant is a specialized advisor who works closely with the choreography department on film sets. This individual brings expertise in dance and movement to ensure that the choreography aligns with the director's vision and the narrative requirements of the project. They may also work to adapt choreography for the specific abilities of the actors and performers, ensuring authenticity and effectiveness in the execution of dance sequences or movement within the film.

What role does a Choreographer Consultant play?

The primary function of a Choreographer Consultant is to offer guidance and professional insights into the planning and execution of dance or movement sequences. They may collaborate with the main choreographer to refine dance routines, suggest stylistic adjustments, or troubleshoot complex sequences. Additionally, the consultant may serve as a mediator between the director and choreographer to maintain a cohesive artistic direction, as well as providing training or workshops for cast members to better prepare them for physical roles.

Do you need to go to college to be a Choreographer Consultant?

While a formal college education is not always mandatory for a Choreographer Consultant, it can be beneficial. Degrees in dance, performing arts, or choreography can provide a strong foundation in the theory and practice of movement. However, extensive experience in dance, a profound understanding of different dance styles, and a history of successful projects can also pave the way to a career in this field. Many Choreographer Consultants have backgrounds as dancers or choreographers themselves and have transitioned into consultancy based on their reputations and professional achievements.

What skills do you need to be a Choreographer Consultant?

As a Choreographer Consultant, one must possess a comprehensive set of skills. These include a deep knowledge of various dance styles and techniques, the ability to analyze and interpret a script's demands for movement, and strong communication skills to effectively collaborate with choreographers, directors, and performers. Creative problem-solving, adaptability, and the capacity to teach and inspire others are also critical. A keen eye for detail and an understanding of the physical demands on performers are essential to ensure that choreography is not only visually stunning but also practicable and safe.

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