Production Support

Film Crew Position: Camera Car Driver

What does a Camera Car Driver do?

A Camera Car Driver is a key member of the Production Support department in a film crew. This position plays a crucial role in ensuring that the camera crew can capture all necessary footage while on the move.

What role does a Camera Car Driver play?

The primary role of a Camera Car Driver is to safely operate a vehicle equipped with specialized camera rigging to capture footage while in motion. This includes driving in sync with the action being filmed and following directions from the director or cinematographer. Camera Car Drivers must have a good understanding of camera equipment and be able to adapt to different filming scenarios.

Do you need to go to college to be a Camera Car Driver?

Becoming a Camera Car Driver typically does not require a college degree. However, having a background in film production or related field can be beneficial. Prior experience in driving special camera vehicles or working in production support roles can also be advantageous.

What skills do you need to be a Camera Car Driver?

Key skills needed for a Camera Car Driver include excellent driving abilities, especially in challenging conditions or high-speed situations. Attention to detail is crucial to ensure the safety of crew members and equipment. Additionally, good communication skills are essential to coordinate effectively with the camera crew and other members of the production team. A solid understanding of camera equipment and filming techniques is also important for this role.

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