Production Management

Film Crew Position: Assistant Unit Production Manager

What does a Assistant Unit Production Manager do?

An Assistant Unit Production Manager is a key member of the Production Management department on a film set. They work closely with the Unit Production Manager to ensure the smooth running of the production.

What role does a Assistant Unit Production Manager play?

The role of an Assistant Unit Production Manager involves a variety of tasks, including assisting the Unit Production Manager with budgeting, scheduling, and logistics. They may also be responsible for coordinating travel and accommodation for cast and crew, obtaining permits for filming locations, and overseeing the production office.

Do you need to go to college to be a Assistant Unit Production Manager?

While a college degree is not always required to become an Assistant Unit Production Manager, many professionals in this role have a degree in film production, business administration, or a related field. Some production companies may prefer candidates with experience working in production or a similar role.

What skills do you need to be a Assistant Unit Production Manager?

To succeed as an Assistant Unit Production Manager, individuals need strong organizational and communication skills. They must be detail-oriented, able to multitask, and work well under pressure. Additionally, knowledge of production software and familiarity with industry practices and regulations are essential for this role.

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