Costume and Wardrobe Department

Film Crew Position: Artist Wardrobe Assistant

What does a Artist Wardrobe Assistant do?

An Artist Wardrobe Assistant is a vital member of the Costume and Wardrobe Department, whose primary responsibility lies in managing the clothing and costume pieces worn by actors during a film production. They support the creation, organization, and maintenance of wardrobe elements, ensuring that each garment is ready for use during shoots. This role is pivotal in helping actors transform into their characters through the detailed and well-maintained costumes that contribute significantly to the visual storytelling of a film.

What role does a Artist Wardrobe Assistant play?

The role of an Artist Wardrobe Assistant encompasses a variety of tasks including the fitting of costumes, performing alterations, managing costume continuity, and collaborating closely with other department members to fulfill the costume designer's vision. They are also responsible for laundering and repairing costumes, organizing wardrobe inventory, and ensuring that all pieces are correctly stored and accounted for. During filming, they assist actors with quick changes and monitor the condition of the costumes, making any necessary adjustments and repairs.

Do you need to go to college to be a Artist Wardrobe Assistant?

A college degree is not strictly required to become an Artist Wardrobe Assistant. However, relevant education in fashion design, costume design, or a related field can be beneficial. Many in the industry acquire their skills through hands-on experience, internships, or as apprentices under more experienced wardrobe professionals. Regardless of formal education, a thorough understanding of garment construction, fabrics, and historical fashion is crucial, as is practical experience in a costume shop or theater environment.

What skills do you need to be a Artist Wardrobe Assistant?

Key skills required for an Artist Wardrobe Assistant include strong sewing and tailoring abilities, an eye for detail, and excellent organizational skills. They must be adept at working under pressure and possess the ability to quickly solve problems related to wardrobe malfunctions. Good communication and teamwork capabilities are essential, as is the stamina to cope with the physical demands of the job, such as lifting heavy garment bags and working irregular hours. Time management and an understanding of the filmmaking process are also important to ensure the smooth operation of the wardrobe department on set.

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