Production Support

Film Crew Position: Art Driver

What does a Art Driver do?

An Art Driver is a crucial member of the Production Support department in a film crew. They are responsible for transporting art-related materials, props, set pieces, and equipment to and from various locations during a film production.

What role does a Art Driver play?

The role of an Art Driver is to ensure the safe and timely transportation of all art-related items needed on set. They work closely with the art department to transport props, set decorations, and other materials to different filming locations. Art Drivers also assist in loading and unloading the materials, organizing them for easy access on set, and maintaining the organization of the vehicle.

Do you need to go to college to be a Art Driver?

The position of an Art Driver typically does not require a college degree. However, a high school diploma or equivalent is usually necessary. Prior experience in driving, especially with a clean driving record, is often preferred. Additionally, knowledge of handling delicate art pieces and equipment safely is beneficial.

What skills do you need to be a Art Driver?

Art Drivers must possess a valid driver's license and have a good driving record. They need to have strong communication skills to interact with the art department and other crew members effectively. Organizational skills are essential to keep track of the various art materials and ensure they are delivered to the right locations on time. Additionally, being able to work efficiently under pressure and problem-solving skills are valuable traits for an Art Driver.

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