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Film Crew Position: Additional Hair Stylist

What does a Additional Hair Stylist do?

An Additional Hair Stylist is a crucial member of the Hair & Makeup department on a film set. They work alongside the Key Hair Stylist to ensure that all actors have the perfect hair styling for each scene. The Additional Hair Stylist may be called upon to assist with maintaining continuity in hairstyles, creating specific looks as per the director's vision, and working efficiently to meet tight production schedules.

What role does a Additional Hair Stylist play?

The role of an Additional Hair Stylist involves providing support to the Key Hair Stylist in executing various hair styling tasks. This can range from basic touch-ups to intricate hairstyling for different characters. They also assist in preparing actors for their scenes, ensuring that their hair aligns with the overall aesthetic of the production. Additionally, an Additional Hair Stylist may be asked to collaborate with the wardrobe department to ensure that the hair and costumes complement each other seamlessly.

Do you need to go to college to be a Additional Hair Stylist?

While a formal education in hair styling or cosmetology can be beneficial, it is not always a strict requirement to become an Additional Hair Stylist. Many professionals in this role gain experience through on-the-job training, internships, or by starting as assistants to established Key Hair Stylists. However, having a certification or a degree in cosmetology can provide a solid foundation in hair styling techniques and knowledge of different hair types and textures.

What skills do you need to be a Additional Hair Stylist?

To excel as an Additional Hair Stylist, one must possess a keen eye for detail, creativity in hair styling, and the ability to work efficiently under pressure. Strong communication skills are essential as they need to collaborate closely with the Key Hair Stylist, actors, and other members of the production team. Additionally, having knowledge of different hair products, tools, and techniques is crucial for creating diverse looks that align with the requirements of the script and director's vision.

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