Camera Department

Film Crew Position: 1st AC (A Camera)

What does a 1st AC (A Camera) do?

A 1st AC (A Camera) is a crucial member of the Camera Department on a film production. They are responsible for assisting the Director of Photography (DP) in operating the primary camera (referred to as A Camera) and ensuring that the camera equipment is properly set up and functioning correctly. The 1st AC plays a key role in maintaining focus during filming and executing camera movements as per the DP's instructions.

What role does a 1st AC (A Camera) play?

The role of a 1st AC (A Camera) involves working closely with the DP to set up and maintain the camera equipment, including lenses, filters, and accessories. They are responsible for pulling focus during shots to ensure that the subject remains sharp and in focus. Additionally, the 1st AC assists in camera movement and changes, such as adjusting the height, angle, and position of the camera as required for each shot. They must also communicate effectively with the camera team and other departments to ensure a smooth filming process.

Do you need to go to college to be a 1st AC (A Camera)?

While a formal college degree is not required to become a 1st AC (A Camera), most professionals in this role have completed some form of film production or cinematography training. This could include a degree in film studies, media production, or a related field. Alternatively, individuals can gain experience through internships, workshops, or on-the-job training to learn the technical skills and knowledge necessary to excel as a 1st AC.

What skills do you need to be a 1st AC (A Camera)?

To succeed as a 1st AC (A Camera), individuals must possess strong technical skills related to camera operation, focus pulling, and camera movement. They should have a deep understanding of camera equipment, including various lenses, filters, and accessories. Attention to detail and the ability to work efficiently under pressure are essential qualities for this role. Additionally, strong communication and teamwork skills are important for collaborating effectively with the DP, camera team, and other crew members on set.

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