The Rise of the VFX Union: A New Chapter in Visual Effects Industry

The Rise of the VFX Union: A New Chapter in Visual Effects Industry

The Rise of the VFX Union: A New Chapter in Visual Effects Industry

Aug 9, 2023

VFX union
VFX union

The Rise of the VFX Union: A New Chapter in Visual Effects Industry


The visual effects (VFX) industry is undergoing a significant transformation. On the heels of disturbing revelations about systematic overworking and underpayment of VFX workers, a group of more than 50 employees at Marvel Studios petitioned for union recognition. This marked a historic first step for the VFX industry, sparking an unprecedented wave of solidarity.The VFX Union: A New Beginning

On Monday, over 50 Marvel Studios employees filed a petition for an election to be represented by the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) with the National Labor Relations Board. This marks a historic first for the VFX community, demanding equal rights and protections.

The Power of Collective Voice

"For almost half a century, workers in the visual-effects industry have been denied the same protections and benefits their coworkers and crewmates have relied upon," said VFX organizer for IATSE Mark Patch. The supermajority of Marvel's on-set and post-production crew have signaled their wish to join the powerful labor union that represents over 170,000 professionals across various entertainment sectors.

The Importance of VFX in Modern Cinema

Around 90 percent of contemporary films feature varying degrees of VFX. Shows like "Stranger Things" boast thousands of visual effects shots in a single season. Yet, the VFX professionals remain unrepresented, lacking benefits such as paid overtime and healthcare.

A Cry for Fair Treatment

"Turnaround times don't apply to us, protected hours don't apply to us, and pay equity doesn't apply to us," said VFX coordinator Bella Huffman. The push for unionization is seen as a crucial step to make visual effects a sustainable department where workers won't be exploited.

The Timing and Context

The petition for union recognition coincides with what is known as the "hot labor summer." The call for collective bargaining aligns with increasing dissatisfaction with the quality of computer-generated imagery in Marvel productions and broader issues within the entertainment industry.

IATSE: A Key Player in the Movement

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) has been instrumental in the push for union recognition in the VFX industry. Representing some 170,000 artisans, technicians, stagehands, and craftspeople across TV, film, and live theater in the United States and Canada, IATSE provides a powerful platform for workers' rights. The VFX workers' petition to join IATSE signifies a desire to gain the same protections, wage protections, and oversight enjoyed by other segments of the entertainment industry. IATSE International president Matthew D. Loeb expressed support for the movement, stating, "Entertainment workers everywhere are sticking up for each other's rights; that's what our movement is all about." The partnership with IATSE could herald a new era of fairness, respect, and sustainability for the VFX community.

Unionization Efforts Beyond Marvel

The movement for unionization is not limited to Marvel. The template was set in the animation world when workers for shows like "Rick & Morty" filed for union representation, sparking new waves of unionization across the industry.

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Recent Strikes

The current climate of labor unrest, including the recent strike by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Screen Actors Guild (SAG), sets the stage for VFX unionization. The solidarity across various sectors in the entertainment business reflects a cultural inflection point.

VFX Houses and Production Companies

Despite their importance, VFX houses and production companies have often neglected VFX professionals. Marvel's reputation as the industry's "biggest bully" emphasizes the urgent need for unionization. The hope is that a successful unionization push at Marvel could lead to an industry-wide movement, transforming the entire field.

The Role of Animator

Animators are the creative minds that breathe life into characters and objects. Their craft is integral to storytelling, yet their working conditions often go overlooked.

The Plight of VFX Artists

VFX artists create visual magic, but the lack of health insurance and proper compensation often overshadows their creative triumphs. The push for a VFX Union is a step towards recognizing their value.

Working Conditions in the VFX Industry

For years, VFX artists and animators have faced grueling workloads and subpar working conditions. "Turnaround times don't apply to us, protected hours don't apply to us, and pay equity doesn't apply to us," said VFX coordinator Bella Huffman. The VFX industry's inability to claim benefits such as health insurance, paid overtime, and more has been a long-standing issue.

A New Era for Television Production and Feature Films

With around 90% of all films and TV productions featuring visual effects, the demand for VFX artists and professionals has never been higher. From major blockbusters like "Star Wars" to streaming services' exclusive content, VFX is an indispensable part of modern entertainment.

The Legacy of Feature Films

From "Star Wars" to modern blockbusters, feature films have showcased the evolution of visual effects. The marvels created by VFX artists are integral to cinema's appeal.

Health Insurance: A Basic Right Denied

The lack of health insurance for many VFX artists and crew members is a glaring issue. It adds stress to an already demanding job, emphasizing the importance of unionization.

The Struggle of VFX Houses

Many VFX houses face overwhelming demands from production companies. Unreasonable deadlines and underfunding make it challenging to maintain quality while treating artists fairly.

A Tumultuous Time: Strikes and Unrest

The recent strike by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Screen Actors Guild (SAG) has shaken the entertainment industry. These movements highlight the urgent need for fair representation.

The Crucial Role of VFX Supervisor

A VFX supervisor ensures the visual effects align with the director's vision. They juggle artistic and technical demands, often under tight schedules, emphasizing the need for improved working conditions.

Los Angeles: The Heart of Entertainment

Los Angeles is the hub of the entertainment industry. Yet, even in this city, where talent abounds, VFX artists struggle with workloads and lack of proper compensation.

Production Companies: Balancing Profit and Fairness

Production companies are often caught between budget constraints and the demand for spectacular visuals. Collaboration with a VFX Union could create a sustainable path that benefits all parties involved.

The Future: VFX Producer's Perspective

VFX producers coordinate the overall visual effects efforts. Their insights into industry trends can help guide the union's efforts to ensure freelancers receive overtime pay and fair treatment.

The Importance of Unionization

The unionization of the VFX industry is a critical step towards a more humane and equitable working environment. It recognizes the unique challenges faced by VFX artists, animators, and other crew members.


The journey towards fair representation in the VFX industry is a complex and vital one. It's not just about compensation and benefits but recognizing the artistry and technical prowess that make modern cinema and television production so compelling.

The VFX Union is more than a rallying cry; it's a necessary evolution that reflects the industry's growth and complexity. From iconic feature films like "Star Wars" to the dynamism of streaming services, the visual effects field continues to push boundaries. Yet, the people behind these marvels - whether a seasoned VFX supervisor or a freelance animator - deserve recognition, fair workloads, health insurance, and proper compensation.

This moment in history is an opportunity for the entire film industry, from companies in Los Angeles to VFX houses worldwide, to embrace change and build a sustainable future where creativity thrives without exploitation.

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