Saturation's Film Student Discount - Free film budget software

Saturation's Film Student Discount - Free film budget software

Saturation's Film Student Discount - Free film budget software

Aug 9, 2023

Empowering the Next Wave of Filmmakers

In the bustling film community of Los Angeles and beyond, Saturation recognizes the need to foster the next generation of film industry professionals. Our exclusive film student discount aims to support students in film programs, degree programs, and even bachelor and master of fine arts courses. It's a golden ticket to innovative financial management tools that every aspiring filmmaker needs.

What Is Saturation's Film Student Discount?

A Special Offer for Film School Students

Saturation's film student discount is more than just a price reduction. It's an invitation to be part of a community that supports content creation and the filmmaking process. Whether you're pursuing a bachelor degree in screenwriting or a master of fine arts in film production, this discount can make a significant impact on your journey.

Who Is Eligible for the Discount?

Unleashing Creativity Without a Cost

Saturation is not just about the discounts; we're about empowering creativity at every stage of your journey. With our free creator plan, students can embark on their first student film project without any costs.

What Does the Free Creator Plan Include?

Our free creator plan is designed to provide all the essential tools needed to bring a student film to life. From budgeting and payment automation to valuable networking opportunities within the film community, this plan provides the support you need without any financial commitments.

How to Get Started with the Free Creator Plan

To begin using the free creator plan for your first student film project, simply sign up using your .edu email address. No discount code or credit card required; it's our gift to you as you explore the world of filmmaking. For those who wish to extend beyond the first project, you can email to request the special discounted rate of $10/mo.

Why Choose the Free Creator Plan?

Whether it's for a bachelor degree, a master of fine arts, or just a passionate pursuit of the film industry, the free creator plan offers an excellent starting point. It's an open invitation to explore, learn, and create within a community that shares your passion for content creation and film production.

Why Choose Saturation for Film Projects?

Innovative Budgeting, Payments, and Film Industry Support

Saturation is a platform designed with the film students in mind. From lighting equipment management to networking opportunities with film industry professionals, we provide the tools you need. Our platform fosters collaboration, automates payments, and even offers generative AI for reports, making it an accolade-worthy asset for any film program.

How to Apply for the Film Student Discount

A Simple Process with Your Credit Card

Applying for Saturation's film student discount is as simple as providing your student ID and email address. You'll receive a discount code, and with a secure credit card transaction, you'll access our platform at an exclusive student rate. It's our gift card to your success in the film industry.

Explore More with Saturation: From Film School to Industry

A Partner in Your Creative Journey, Offering Group Sales and More

Saturation is more than just a tool. We aim to be a creative partner, offering resources such as youth programs, graduate programs, and opportunities to connect with entertainment business professionals. We believe in building bridges, not just for film school but for the broader entertainment industry.

Saturation's Commitment to the Film Community

A Vision for a More Creative Future in South Beach to Gold Coast

We believe in minimizing logistical and financial hurdles, enhancing the media arts, and fueling creative ambitions. From South Beach to Gold Coast, Saturation's commitment resonates with both independent and mainstream filmmakers.

Your Creative Potential, Unleashed

As a producer and creative myself, I understand the financial management challenges in this field. I thought I moved to Los Angeles to be a creative, but I ended up becoming an accountant. Saturation's film student discount is our way of saying that we're here to help minimize those hurdles and unleash your creativity.

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