Beyond Budgeting: Introducing Saturation 2.0 with Expense Management

Beyond Budgeting: Introducing Saturation 2.0 with Expense Management

Beyond Budgeting: Introducing Saturation 2.0 with Expense Management

Apr 9, 2024

As the CEO and Co-founder of Saturation, I've seen firsthand the intricate challenges of managing finances within the film and video production industry. From the inception of our platform, our mission has been clear: to simplify the complex world of production finance for creators everywhere. With our initial focus on budgeting tools, we laid the groundwork for what I envisioned as the ultimate solution for production teams. Today, I am thrilled to announce the next step in our journey—Saturation 2.0, featuring a comprehensive Expense Management Suite.

The Genesis of Saturation’s Expense Management

The idea for an integrated expense management solution was born from my own experiences in the field. "I became a filmmaker to be creative, not realizing I would end up becoming an accountant," is a sentiment I often reflect upon. Managing finances, chasing down receipts, and handling petty cash were never supposed to be the main components of creating art. This realization spurred our team to develop Saturation Pay, a suite that embodies our vision of automating production finances from budgeting and actualizing to accounting.

Saturation Pay: A New Era of Financial Management

💳 Visa Expense Cards: A New Standard for Production Expenses

With Saturation 2.0, we introduce Production Expense Cards, setting a new standard for managing production expenses. These cards allow production teams to distribute funds securely and efficiently, eliminating the risks and inconveniences associated with petty cash. The real-time tracking feature ensures that every transaction is monitored, providing a clear and immediate overview of where and how funds are being spent. This level of transparency and control is unprecedented in production finance management.

🧾 Digital Receipt Management: Innovating Record-Keeping

Our Digital Receipt Management system revolutionizes the way production teams handle receipts. By allowing users to upload receipts directly into Saturation, we automate the matching and categorization process, linking each receipt to its corresponding expense and project. This innovation not only saves valuable time but also enhances accuracy and efficiency, enabling teams to focus more on their creative output and less on administrative tasks.

💸 Vendor / Bill Pay: Streamlining Payments

The Vendor/Bill Pay feature transforms the process of paying vendors. With the ability to send ACH/Wire transfers directly from Saturation, we've made it possible to manage payments with unprecedented ease and precision. This feature is a testament to our commitment to simplifying financial management, ensuring that payments are made directly from the budget to the vendor's bank account, streamlining workflows, and eliminating errors.

🦾 Automated Budget Actualization: Empowering Financial Oversight

One of the most groundbreaking features of Saturation 2.0 is the Automated Budget Actualization. By automatically tracking actual expenses against the budget in real-time, we eliminate the need for manual data entry, providing production teams with accurate and up-to-date financial oversight. This feature ensures that financial management is not only efficient but also accurate, enabling better decision-making and financial planning.

🧮 Seamless Budgeting to Accounting Integration

The seamless integration with QuickBooks is the final piece in the puzzle, bridging the gap between budgeting and accounting. By syncing production finances directly with QuickBooks, we eliminate the need for double bookkeeping and manual data transfer, offering a streamlined experience from budgeting all the way to accounting. This integration represents a significant stride toward our goal of creating a comprehensive financial management platform for production.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Production Finance

Saturation 2.0 is more than an upgrade—it's a transformation of how production teams manage their finances. "We're helping producers and production companies alike be the backbone of their operations by automating their production finances," a mission that has become a reality with this launch.

Join us in this new era of production finance management. Saturation 2.0, including our Expense Management Suite, is available now, included in all paid plans at no additional cost. Experience the future risk-free for 30 days. Currently exclusive to the U.S., we require no credit check, just an active U.S. business registration.

As we move forward, our commitment to you remains unwavering. We're not just developing software; we're crafting solutions for the creatives who inspire us daily. Welcome to Saturation 2.0.

Jens Jacob, CEO & Co-founder

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