Best Funny Zombie Movies

Best Funny Zombie Movies

Best Funny Zombie Movies

Feb 21, 2022

Best Funny Zombie Movies to Watch This Weekend

As the weekend approaches, there's nothing like settling down with popcorn and embarking on a laughter-filled journey through the best funny zombie movies ever made.

From Edgar Wright's masterfully crafted "Shaun of the Dead" to the gut-busting adventure through a post-apocalyptic America in "Zombieland," these films blend fear with humor in a way that's both unexpected and delightful.

Whether you're a fan of snowy landscapes teeming with undead Nazis in "Dead Snow" or love the retro vibes of "The Return of the Living Dead," there's something for every zombie comedy lover.

Keep reading to discover the top picks that will have you both screaming and laughing this weekend.

Kickstart Your Zombie Weekend With Shaun of the Dead (2004)

two friends wield cricket bats against zombies outside a london pub under a dreary sky.

Landing at the sweet spot where comedy meets the undead, "Shaun of the Dead" redefined not just how we view zombie movies but also how humor can be woven into the fabric of horror.

Directed by Edgar Wright and starring the dynamic duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, this film isn’t just a movie; it's a cult phenomenon that continues to explore audiences with its wit, charm, and relentless gore.

Venturing into why "Shaun of the Dead" reigns supreme in the domain of comedy zombie films opens a treasure trove of clever parody, British humor, and satirical nods to everyday life amidst chaos.

Anticipate a rollercoaster ride as we peel back layers of this undead classic, spotlighting memorable scenes that guarantee laughter amidst the apocalypse.

Whether it's battling zombies in a quaint London pub or reconciling friendships in the face of disaster, every moment in this film is a master class in balancing horror with comedy, setting the stage for an unforgettable zombie weekend.

Discovering the Cult Classic

Stumbling upon "Shaun of the Dead" feels like unearthing a hidden gem in the realm of zombie genre films. It stands unique, marrying classic elements of horror with unabashed British wit, thereby crafting a niche that resonates with enthusiasts of both comedy and the grotesque.

The movie's journey unfolds with precision and humor, taking its audience from mundane daily hassles to an epic battle for survival against the undead:

  1. It begins with Shaun navigating through his lackluster life, blissfully unaware of the ensuing chaos.

  2. As Shaun becomes cognizant of the zombie plague sweeping through London, he devises a plan to save his loved ones.

  3. Their refuge, a local pub, becomes the epicenter of their fight, blending elements of romance, friendship, and gutsy confrontations.

Why Shaun of the Dead Tops Comedy Zombie Films

"Shaun of the Dead" climbs to the pinnacle of comedy zombie films by striking an enviable balance: it delivers relentless, gut-busting humor without skimping on the horror and gore that fans of the genre crave. Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg craft a story that's as heartfelt as it is horrifying, making each laugh a byproduct of genuine character development and not just slapstick or distraction.

The genius lies in its ability to poke fun at the mundane - turning a trip to the corner shop into a comedic, yet eerie, adventure - while seamlessly transitioning into an all-out battle for survival against the living dead. What sets "Shaun of the Dead" apart is not just the clever script or the charismatic duo of Pegg and Frost, but how effortlessly it parodies classic zombie movies, like "Night of the Living Dead" and "Dawn of the Dead," while still paying homage to them:

  1. The regular life of Shaun becomes a canvas for humor, even before the undead walk among us.

  2. Recognition of the zombie outbreak is met not with immediate horror, but with a comedic denial, leading to some of the film's most memorable scenes.

  3. The local pub, their last bastion of hope, becomes a setting for hilarity amidst horror, encapsulating the film's essence of finding laughter in darkness.

Memorable Scenes to Look Forward To

One scene that forever etches itself in the minds of audiences is when Shaun and Ed, realizing the gravity of their situation, decide to combat the zombie horde with vinyl records. The absurdity of weaponizing their music collection not only underscores the film's ingenious use of humor but also serves as a pivotal moment where Shaun's mundane life meets an extraordinary challenge, blending comedy with a dash of action.

Another unforgettable moment comes when the gang, maneuvering through hordes of zombies, mimic the undead to blend in. The hilarity of watching our protagonists stumble and groan, in an attempt to pass as zombies, brings forth the genius of the film’s comedy. This scene perfectly showcases how “Shaun of the Dead" masterfully mixes laughter with suspense, proving that even in a post-apocalyptic world, humor can be found in the most unexpected places.

Why Zombieland (2009) Is a Must-Watch for Laughs

a group of friends laughing together in a dilapidated amusement park at dusk, with abandoned rides in the background.

Shifting gears from the British charm of "Shaun of the Dead" to the American heartland's undead mayhem, "Zombieland" bursts onto the scene, offering its unique blend of terror and guffaws.

This film is a rollercoaster ride through a zombie apocalypse, peppered with an unforgettable cast and their somewhat unorthodox survival rules.

Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin form a ragtag group of survivors, each bringing a distinct flavor of humor and humanity to the survival game.

As we delve into the world of "Zombieland," prepare for a deep dive into the key characters and their whimsical methods for staying alive among the hordes.

Along the journey, I'll pinpoint those laugh-out-loud moments that make "Zombieland" not just a movie, but a comedic survival manual for the end times.

So, buckle up as we navigate the hilarity ensconced in this apocalyptic road trip, where every rule and every zombified encounter is another step towards both salvation and a good laugh.

Introduction to the World of Zombieland

Entering the world of "Zombieland" is like stepping into a vibrant comic book version of the apocalypse, where laughter and terror dance hand in hand. Directed by Ruben Fleischer, this movie offers a fresh take on the zombie genre, blending the thrill of survival with gut-busting humor that keeps you on the edge of your seat while simultaneously bending over in laughter.

The narrative kicks off with Columbus (played by Jesse Eisenberg), a college kid who's more adept at dodging social interactions than physical confrontations. His journey across a zombie-infested America introduces us to a cast of characters that are as quirky as they are endearing, each bringing their distinct touch to this chaotic, undead adventure. "Zombieland" encapsulates the essence of a comedic odyssey through the apocalypse, making it a perfect pick for a weekend movie marathon.

Key Characters and Their Quirky Survival Rules

Each character in "Zombieland" brings their unique set of survival guidelines, etching an unforgettable blueprint for enduring the zombie mayhem. Woody Harrelson's Tallahassee has an insatiable hunger for Twinkies, an obsession that fuels his zombie-slaying spree, demonstrating how peculiar priorities can add humor in the face of doom. Jesse Eisenberg's Columbus, on the other hand, sticks to his meticulous list of rules designed to keep him alive, illustrating how neurotic caution becomes a comedic goldmine.

These rules, ranging from the pragmatic to the absurd, create a rich tapestry of survival tactics that are as hilarious as they are effective:

  1. “Double Tap" to ensure a zombie is truly dead.

  2. “Beware of Bathrooms" as a poignant reminder that zombies wait in the most unsuspected places.

  3. “Enjoy the Little Things" which serves as a comic relief and a sweet reminder to find joy, even in an apocalypse.

The stark contrast between characters’ survival strategies, from Tallahassee's brute physical approach to Columbus’ cautious maneuvers, crafts a delightful dynamic that enriches the narrative. These quirky rules not only enhance the comedic element but also deepen our connection to the characters, making "Zombieland" a masterpiece in the zombie comedy genre.

Highlighting the Best Comedy Moments

One moment that immediately leaps to mind involves Tallahassee's rampaging quest through a supermarket in search of the last Twinkie on Earth. The absurdity of prioritizing a cream-filled snack during the zombie apocalypse not only delivers laughs but ironically underscores the human desire for normalcy in chaos, making it a comedic highlight that's hard to forget.

Another golden moment is the unexpected encounter with Bill Murray, who plays himself. Murray's decision to disguise as a zombie to blend into the apocalypse brings about a hilarious misunderstanding that leads to one of the most memorable and laughter-inducing scenes in the movie. This clever cameo cleverly bridges the gap between fiction and reality, offering comic relief that punctuates the film's thrilling ride.

Venture Into the Snow With Dead Snow (2009)

a group of friends stands in front of a cozy cabin, surrounded by a vast, snow-covered landscape, unaware of the horror that awaits.

If you're craving something that deviates from the typical cityscape zombie chaos, "Dead Snow" (2009) from Norway offers a chillingly unique twist by planting its hungry undead right in the snow-clad mountains.

This horror-comedy hybrid takes the concept of a serene winter getaway and flips it on its head, introducing Nazi zombies into the equation.

The film cleverly juxtaposes the eerie silence of a snowy landscape with bursts of comedic relief and splatter horror, creating a blend that's as refreshing as it is terrifying.

As we delve deeper, we'll explore the film's inventive premise, how it balances horror laughs on a slippery slope, and highlight some unforgettable scenes and characters that make "Dead Snow" a must-watch for fans seeking humor with their horror.

Exploring the Unique Premise

"Dead Snow" takes a wildly inventive approach to the zombie genre by setting its nightmarish scene against the stark, serene backdrop of Norway's snow-covered mountains. This audacious premise of Nazi zombies reawakening to claim their stolen treasure turns a dream vacation into a fight for survival, providing a gripping, frostbitten twist on the classic zombie apocalypse narrative.

The fusion of historical horror with modern-day vacation gone awry not only offers a fresh pallet for zombie aficionados but also manages to infuse humor into the most unsuspecting moments. By blending the absurdity of undead soldiers in a winter wonderland with the terror that comes with being hunted, "Dead Snow" carves out its unique niche, ensuring viewers are entertained with chills and chuckles alike.

The Blend of Horror and Comedy in the Snow

"Dead Snow" ingeniously marries the bone-chilling terror of a zombie invasion with slapstick comedy and witty dialogue, set against the pristine, otherworldly backdrop of the snow-covered Norwegian landscape. This duality presents a fascinating dynamic: as characters slip and slide, trying desperately to fend off Nazi zombies, the juxtaposition of such dire circumstances against a serene, snowy setting amplifies the comedy.

The film's narrative unfolds in a structure that accentuates its unique premise:

  1. A group of friends finds an old chest filled with mysterious gold coins in a remote cabin

  2. The treasure unwittingly awakens a horde of Nazi zombies buried in the snow

  3. Their dream skiing vacation turns into a comedic nightmare as they try to survive the relentless undead

What drives the comedy home in "Dead Snow" is not just the absurdity of its premise, but how the characters react to their predicament: with a blend of horror-stricken faces and deadpan humor. It's the kind of movie where the tension of a gruesome zombie chase scene is broken by someone's comically futile attempt to escape on skis, proving that laughter can be found even in the most unexpected of places.

Noteworthy Scenes and Characters

One scene that imprints itself in the memory involves a harrowing, yet comically absurd showdown between the survivors and the Nazi zombies, with the backdrop of Norway's majestic mountains amplifying the absurdity. The use of snowmobiles in a frantic attempt to escape, juxtaposed with zombies emerging from the snow, strikes a perfect chord between horror and comedy, crafting a moment that's as thrilling as it is humorous.

Among the characters, Martin stands out with his bewildering mix of medical student knowledge and sudden valor, making him a relatable yet unexpectedly heroic figure. His evolution from a cautious visitor to a zombie-slaying fighter, armed with improvised weapons and snow-driven ingenuity, brings a dynamic edge to the narrative. Martin's antics, combined with his interactions with the relentless undead, paint a vivid picture of resilience peppered with laughter, endearing him to the audience amidst the icy chaos.

Dive Into the 80s With the Return of the Living Dead (1985)

a group of zombies, illuminated by neon lights, stumble through an 80s punk rock concert venue, capturing the film's blend of horror and humor.

Transitioning back to the neon-lit era of the 80s, "The Return of the Living Dead" emerges as a pivotal chapter in the annals of zombie comedies, infusing the genre with a punk rock vibe and a distinct sense of irreverence that were hallmarks of the time.

This film not only revels in its unique brand of humor and horror but also sets a benchmark for how zombie films can simultaneously scare and amuse.

Venturing into its standout moments reveals a movie that dares to laugh in the face of the macabre, carving out memorable vignettes of horror infused with comedy.

As I delve deeper, I'll uncover the indelible mark "The Return of the Living Dead" has left on the landscape of zombie cinema, spotlighting its legacy and how it paved the way for a new generation of films that blend the grotesque with the humorous.

This exploration into the 80s zeitgeist and its influence on zombie comedies invites us to appreciate the ingenious melding of the era's attitude with timeless themes of undead horror.

The Influence of the 80s on Zombie Comedies

The 80s wielded a transformative power over the landscape of zombie comedies, introducing a blend of irreverent humor and punk rock attitude that reshaped the genre. "The Return of the Living Dead" epitomized this shift, marrying its undead narratives with a rebellious spirit that echoed the cultural movements of the time. This fusion not only enticed a wider audience but also set a precedent for integrating contemporary social commentary with traditional horror elements.

Moreover, this era's influence on zombie comedies extended beyond aesthetics, pushing boundaries in terms of content and storytelling techniques. The audacious approach of "The Return of the Living Dead," with its mix of satire, gore, and comedy, exemplified how filmmakers began to explore more nuanced emotions and scenarios within the zombie genre. This method of storytelling unlocked a new realm of possibilities, demonstrating that zombie films could serve both as entertainment and as a lens through which to view societal issues.

Standout Moments From the Return of the Living Dead

"The Return of the Living Dead" offers an unforgettable sequence where the characters accidentally unleash a gas that revives the dead, leading to an onslaught of zombie chaos. This scene stands out not just for its pivotal role in driving the plot forward but also for how it blends practical effects with a keen sense of timing to maximize both horror and humor, a testament to the film's innovative approach to zombie comedies.

Another remarkable moment is when a group of punk rockers, initially oblivious to the escalating zombie menace, find themselves face to face with the undead. Their reactions, varying from incredulity to a comical attempt to reason with the zombies, encapsulate the film's unique charm. It amusingly showcases the clash between youth subculture and the relentless nature of the zombie apocalypse, highlighting the film's ability to entertain and amuse by navigating through genre conventions with a spirited sense of irreverence.

The Legacy and Influence on Future Films

"The Return of the Living Dead" has undoubtedly etched its mark on the evolution of zombie comedies, shaping a paradigm where the fusion of horror and humor can coexist seamlessly. Its legacy continues to inspire filmmakers, breathing life into movies that dare to laugh in the face of dread, such as "Shaun of the Dead" and "Zombieland," showcasing the timeless appeal of blending macabre themes with comedic relief.

Moreover, this cult classic has broadened the horizons for future films in the genre, encouraging a creative exploration of stories that can entertain while also offering biting social commentary. Its influence is palpable in the way modern zombie comedies incorporate satire and parody, a testament to its enduring impact on the portrayal of undead narratives within popular culture.

Explore Hidden Gems Like Little Monsters (2019)

a teacher guiding a group of school children through a sunny field, with hidden, playful zombies lurking in the background.

As our journey through the world of laughter and the undead continues, we find ourselves venturing into the unexpected delights of "Little Monsters" (2019).

This film, a lesser-known treasure in the zombie comedy genre, effortlessly blends the shock of horror with uproarious humor, all while unfolding the endearing story of a musician, a teacher, and a bunch of school kids navigating a zombie outbreak.

We're about to delve into the unique charms of "Little Monsters," examining the remarkable dynamics between the characters that elevate the story beyond mere zombie comedy.

Prepare to glimpse into the meticulously crafted scenes that strike a perfect balance between inducing laughter and sending chills down your spine.

This excursion promises to reveal why this movie deserves a spot on your weekend watch list, as we explore its contribution to and deviation from traditional zombie narratives.

Unpacking the Charms of Little Monsters

"Little Monsters" unfolds with a charm that's as unexpected as it is delightful, blending the scare of zombies with heartwarming humor. The story's heart lies in its unconventional heroes: a washed-up musician, a vivacious teacher, and their spirited school kids, who all find themselves in the midst of a zombie outbreak during a seemingly innocuous field trip.

The dynamic between the adults and the children adds a layer of warmth and humor rarely seen in zombie comedies, making "Little Monsters" stand out in the genre. This blend of tenderness amidst chaos not only entertains but also brings a refreshing take on what it means to be courageous:

  • The protagonist’s journey from indifference to heroism reflects a growth that is both hilarious and inspiring.

  • The protective instincts of Miss Caroline, the teacher, showcase strength and determination clothed in cheeriness, providing both laughs and admiration.

  • The children, unfazed by the grim situation, continue to perceive the adventure with innocence and joy, adding a layer of genuine humor and lightness to the story.

Through these interactions, "Little Monsters" crafts a narrative that's as much about finding laughter in dark times as it is about the unpredictable bonds formed in the face of adversity. It's a film that entertains while subtly reminding us of the resilience of the human spirit, enveloped in irrepressible giggles and zombie-induced thrills.

Exploring the Dynamic Between Characters

The character dynamics in "Little Monsters" spell a unique blend of heartwarming and humorous interplay, truly setting this film apart in the zombie comedy genre. The unlikely grouping of a musician finding his stride, a teacher with unwavering optimism, and a group of children channeling their innocence into fearless curiosity weaves a narrative rich in laughter and unexpected heroism.

CharacterRoleTraitWashed-up MusicianUnlikely HeroGrowth from indifference to courageMiss CarolineVivacious TeacherOptimism and strength under pressureSchool KidsAdventurous SpiritsInnocent perception of chaos

The peculiar chemistry between the adults and kids challenges the conventional zombie apocalypse narrative, injecting a potent mix of comedy and warmth into every scene. It's this dynamic, highlighting resilience and the power of humor in dark times, that makes "Little Monsters" a must-watch for those seeking both smiles and thrills amidst a zombie outbreak.

Key Scenes That Combine Horror and Humor

One of the key scenes that exemplify the seamless melding of horror and humor in "Little Monsters" unfolds during a particularly tense moment: the group finds themselves face to face with a zombie. Instead of the expected screams, Miss Caroline breaks into an upbeat song, using her ukulele to keep the kids calm and oblivious to the danger. This absurd yet heartwarming strategy beautifully illustrates how the film plays with expectations, turning a potentially terrifying situation into a moment of comedic brilliance.

SceneHorror ElementComedic TwistZombie EncounterFace to face with dangerUplifting song on a ukulele

Another unforgettable moment occurs when the washed-up musician decides to "hero up" and distract the zombie horde. Decked out in a ridiculous costume, he combines clapping and dancing in a ludicrous attempt to lead the zombies away. The visual of a grown man engaging in what is essentially a children's game with a horde of the undead in tow strikes the perfect chord between fear and laughter, showcasing the film's adeptness at blending genres to delightful effect.

Enjoy Innovative Horror Comedy With One Cut of the Dead (2017)

a director shouts action to a film crew shooting a scene in an abandoned building, unaware of shadowy figures approaching from behind.

Shifting our gaze towards the East, "One Cut of the Dead" emerges as a breath of fresh air in the zombie comedy landscape.

Released in 2017, this Japanese film flips traditional narrative techniques on their head, introducing audiences to a groundbreaking format that revitalizes the genre.

With its unique concept revolving around a film crew making a zombie movie, only to encounter real zombies, the layers of meta-commentary on filmmaking itself are ingenious.

We're about to unpack the creative process behind "One Cut of the Dead", exploring why this film has been hailed as a game-changer.

Its ability to inject fresh perspectives while entertaining with a side of satire is something not to be missed, promising a deep dive into its innovative narrative that stands out in a genre filled with the undead.

Understanding the Unique Concept

Exploring "One Cut of the Dead" reveals an inventive twist on the traditional zombie film format, showcasing a film within a film. This unique concept not only blurs the line between fiction and reality but also pokes fun at the process of filmmaking itself, providing a fresh perspective on the horror-comedy genre. It's a daring approach that turns a seemingly straightforward zombie movie plot into a complex, layered narrative that captivates and entertains.

The brilliance of "One Cut of the Dead" lies in its execution, leveraging a single, unbroken take to unravel the chaos and comedy of a zombie outbreak. This technique enhances the immersive experience, making viewers feel part of the production crew's frenzied effort to continue shooting amidst the unexpected turn of events. It's a revolutionary method that not only adds depth to the storyline but also pays homage to the creativity and resilience of filmmakers.

The Making of One Cut of the Dead

The journey behind the creation of "One Cut of the Dead" is as fascinating as the film's plot itself. Spearheaded by director Shinichiro Ueda, the movie was shot on a shoestring budget with a cast largely comprised of unknown actors, showcasing the power of raw talent and innovative storytelling in delivering an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Challenging conventional filmmaking norms, Ueda and his team opted for a daring single-take approach that lasted an astonishing 37 minutes, setting the stage for an immersive viewer experience. This decision not only highlighted the technical skills of the cast and crew but also underscored the movie's theme of the unpredictability and chaos inherent in both zombie outbreaks and film production.

Why This Movie Is a Game-Changer for the Genre

"One Cut of the Dead" stands as a revolutionary milestone in the realm of horror comedy, particularly within the overcrowded zombie genre. It reinvigorates the somewhat predictable narrative labyrinth with its ingenious structure and execution, offering a fresh and dynamic viewing experience that pays homage to the art of filmmaking itself. This innovative approach not only captures the chaos and humor inherent in zombie lore but elevates it through a meta-narrative lens that challenges viewers to reconsider their engagement with the genre.

The film's audacity in breaking conventional storytelling norms, embracing a single-take format that seamlessly blends improvisation with meticulous planning, sets it apart as a unique cinematic feat. It's this bold experimentation with format and perspective that not only enriches the narrative but also solidifies "One Cut of the Dead" as a game-changer, inspiring filmmakers and audiences alike to explore new horizons in the marriage of horror and comedy. Such a novel approach underscores the limitless possibilities within genre filmmaking, making it a standout exemplar for years to come.

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